Working from the Garden Clinic since 2012, Richard has a passion to improve the quality of people’s lives and ease pain and discomfort through a combination of Massage and the Emmett Technique.


Richard has always had a keen interest in massage therapy, after working and living in Thailand where he experienced many forms of alternative therapy and gained interest in the benefits of massage.


After graduating with BSc (Hons) in Health Studies from the University of Lincoln with careful consideration Richard began his training in Swedish massage and Emmett’s Technique, and he has experienced a positive change in his own health and wellbeing. He feels a sense of achievement when a client benefits from his treatment.


Richard works part time as a Further Education lecturer specialising in teaching Complementary Therapies and Physiological Disorders.


Richard has treated a wide variety of clients with a range of muscular skeletal issues: many that may have been caused by stress, poor posture and sometimes injuries. He has experience in treating both acute and chronic conditions, and specialises in pain relief.

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Richard will look at the client as a whole - and not just the area of discomfort. From the information gathered at the initial consultation Richard will tailor a plan of treatments to suit your individual needs. Clients benefit greatly from this holistic approach. Working alongside

an experienced herbalist at the garden clinic, means that he can effectively use a wide variety of essential oils, and balms for the best treatment outcomes. We also offer the massage products that Richard uses for purchase from the clinic.

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