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''I came to Martin following many years of mystery stomach bloating and prolonged lethargy, which at times became debilitating and the source of depression. Having visited the GP on a number of occasions I was given pills to address these issues, which were somewhat vaguely diagnosed as IBS or a reaction to spicy foods. Unconvinced by this, I decided to see what alternative medicine was able to offer, and following a thorough initial session with Martin, he successfully diagnosed that my symptoms were the result of a simple intolerance to yeast. Almost immediately after the diagnosis, my health and energy levels started to improve vastly, supported by a herbal tincture and bacteria cultures. With this knowledge now established, which was never even suggested by my GP, I am able to lead a much more fulfilled and energised life. Thank you so much Martin!''

Richard, Lincoln.



“I saw Martin for my depressive illness having been concerned with side effects. I was delighted with how much time he took to really understand my issues and how much detail was covered in the consultation. After a few weeks it was just like some one had turned the lights back on, I started to feel the “old me” come back and I now feel well on the road to a full recovery.”

John, Clay Cross.



“Three applications of the arnica cream you made for me and a bruise I've had for many weeks after a cycle accident comes to the surface! Feeling much better, Great stuff ! Big thanks.”

Ray Twell, Lincoln.



“Thank you for you Cold and Flu Medicine! I was able to continue teaching my class and felt symptoms improved very quickly – I’m sure I would have had to take time off with out your help! Definitely happy to recommend this – I’ll always keep some in my cupboard for the whole family now ”

Anne-Marie, Lincoln 


“Martin has been fantastic in helping me with my repeat ear infections which were not responding to antibiotics after many years of pain and suffering. His medicine tasted pretty strong, but in no time at all the pain subsided and after a few days the infection cleared. He also took time to help me re-balance my digestive system after the antibiotics – I’m really happy to recommend him!”  

Erin, Lincoln





Massage Therapy Reviews 


“Fantastic massage from Richard, Lovely and relaxed atmosphere and personalised each time ...must be why I go back every month! Thanks Richard.”  

Kelly Hubbard, Lincoln



“I cannot believe the difference in my back and shoulder after one treatment!!!! Absolutely amazed !!!

will defiantly be going back! Highly recommend.”

Hayley Norton, Lincoln



“I've been visiting Richard at The Garden Clinic for about 4 months - to de-stress, to sort out injuries and just because it's a great environment! Richard is really motivated to give a top class service - and he's generous with his time and attention - which means you're given a personalised service - when was the last time THAT happened?! I feel better for seeing him, my injuries heal faster and my next appointment is booked - go on - what are YOU waiting for? Thanks Richard.”

Hils Carmichael, Collingham, Lincolnshire



“Richard Hardy's touch and presence during a massage are total and some of the best I've ever experienced. He creates a safe space in which your body can completely unwind. His working with your body to remove tension and achieve re-balance is second to none. I would highly recommend Richard as a therapist for body workers of all modalities”. Many thanks and blessings Richard,

Kat Collier - Owner/Therapist at Massage for Health and Wellbeing

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