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Conditions Treated

Available From Herbal Medicine Lincoln


There is research evidence to support the use of herbal medicine as an effective treatment in the following conditions:

  • Functional Dyspepsia and indigestion


  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)


  • Back Pain and Osteoarthritis


  • Mild to Moderate Depression

  • Migraine


  • Acute infections including rhinosinusitis


  • The common cold and Influenza types A & B


  • Uncomplicated upper respiratory tract infections

You might like to consider some reasons to consult a herbalist:



1.) Because you have a preference for natural medicines


For some people herbs fit their beliefs and values (about the world in general, and about “medicine” in particular) best and are their first choice


2.) You need a fresh perspective and to feel “listened to”


A herbalist can often provide a new and insightful view of your predicament arising from their understanding of traditional medicine and their holistic approach. They will take time in trying to fully analyse your whole situation.


3.) You’ve seen the research or had a personal recommendation


Many people choose to see a herbalist after coming across studies or stories suggesting the value of particular herbs whilst others are recommended by satisfied clients.


4.) You have heard the “ancient call”…


Somewhere deep within we “know” herbal medicine, we co-evolved with plants and herbal medicine is the default system of medicine for our species. At this crucial time many people are rediscovering and revaluing our original healing tools – the herbs


(Acknowledgement: Peter Conway M.N.I.M.H.)



Martin specialises in Weight Management and associated issues of Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome, Type II diabetes and elevated cholesterol. He uses and recommends Cambridge Weight Plan™ and is a fully accredited CWP consultant.


It is safe to take many herbs alongside conventional medication and Martin is fully trained in potential Herb/Drug interactions, in order to offer complementary options.



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