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Consultation Explained

What Happens During Your Concultation

Herbal Medicine Lincoln Consulation

This is what you can expect when you make your first appointment with a Medical Herbalist:


The first consultation is generally the longest as your Medical Herbalist takes a detailed medical history, covering not only your current complaint and medications, allergies and family history but also your diet and lifestyle.


A diagnostic physical examination may be necessary, along with blood pressure and pulse measurement. It is very helpful if you bring the printed results of any recent blood tests from your G.P. along for further analysis (these are available on request from your G.P.)


The Medical Herbalist will then make a diagnosis based on the findings and where necessary they may make referrals. A programme of herbal treatment is then discussed and agreed with the patient, including an indication of how long the treatment period may be, and the level of treatment required.


The duration and intensity of the herbal treatment varies according to the condition. You may be helped with changes to diet, exercise, and lifestyle.


An individually designed herbal prescription is then formulated and dispensed with appropriate instructions.

Most medicines can be dispensed immediately from the Clinic Dispensary.

Your Medical Herbalist will also make suggestions about other treatments if appropriate (e.g. osteopathy, counselling, massage etc.).


Your progress is reviewed at intervals and reassessed and your herbal medicine prescription changed to reflect the changes in your physiology.



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